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4 Ways to Add Some Flare to Your Wedding Day

In this day and age of Instagram stories and Facebook Live, we're almost expected to "wow" our guests in some way. If you're feeling like your big day is in need of a little somethin-somethin, get some inspiration from this list!

1. Design Signature Drinks

What better way to personalize your bar than to have your guests enjoy your favorite drink!

Wedding signature drink, painting of dog in a picture frame

A past couple of mine wanted to somehow incorporate their adorable dogs into their big day. They named some classic drinks after the dogs and had two strikingly accurate custom paintings done! So creative!

2. Host a Charcuterie Grazing Table

So there's not many of us who can say no to gourmet cheeses and curated snacks. If you strategically place a long charcuterie table during cocktail hour, guests will naturally gravitate towards it and new conversations will begin, meaning new connections will be made. Food just has a way of bringing us together! A great company called FOUNT offers this unique service with packages to fit all budgets. I learned that many of their available items are ethically sourced from around the world. To learn more about this really great company, visit their website. Ok, I may need to take a snack break right now.

3. Hire a Magician

What do wedding guests typically do while the wedding party is out taking photos? They're typically enjoying cocktails and appetizers, playing on their phones, or conversing with the people they came with. Not really branching out to meet new people! A great way to connect guests is to hire a "professional ice breaker", - AKA a Magician! A great magician will find out what types of groups are attending (bride's coworkers, groom's fraternity, out of town family), and brings folks from all those different groups together in a fun and interesting way. A favorite (see previous blog) is definitely Anthony Dempsey. To learn more about his services and availability, visit his website.

4. Rent a GIFpod

In today's age of everything being digital, a GIFpod is certainly a way to give your wedding a fun boost. For those of you not familiar, a GIF is essentially a few photos taken quickly, and it sort of forms a short video-looking file. I'm not the tech-iest of people, but you'll know one when you see one.

A GIFpod is a Photo Booth type of device that takes much more than photos. It can create GIFs, Boomerangs, filtered photos, regular photos, and certain brands can do much more. These devices instantly text or email the photo you just took, making it easy to upload to Instagram or Facebook. Because what would millennials do with an old-fashioned paper photo anyway?

I hope this list is helpful to anyone needing to give their wedding a boost on the cool factor. What are some other ideas that you have? I want to hear them in the comments section!

Until next time,

xo- Rhianna


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