• Rhianna Dempsey

Dark and Moody Nuptials

I knew from the start that Jamie and Dalton's wedding would have to be out of the ordinary, and some traditions would have to be ditched!

Black wedding gown, gothic wedding gown
Jamie searched for a long time for the perfect gown for her personality. I think she nailed it!

So what could we do that was "different"? For starters, Jamie traded in the white dress and the string quartet for a billowing black wedding gown and music from "The Killers". The groom sported a handsome burgundy suit. Jamie really wanted a show-stopping bridal bouquet with dark dahlias and wild elements; Corynn Key, owner of Kismet Flowers (www.kismetflowers.com) gave us exactly that!

The couple's chosen venue, The Wildflower Barn, is mostly outdoors, with a small barn for dancing. A few weeks before the wedding, I began religiously checking the weather for Austin's Hill Country. Clear forecast, nice weather, YAY! Then we ran into a little speed bump about a week before... 60% chance of rain- the scariest words a bride can hear! Not Jamie though, "Oh well, if it rains, it rains!". We got some tenting ordered, changed around the floor plan a bit, and we were good to go!

Jamie and Dalton had the cutest first look that involved their dogs, Remy and Magenta. The furry duo also made an appearance later as the "signature drinks" at the bar!

Their short 'n' sweet ceremony was officiated by a close friend, and in lieu of a traditional unity ceremony, they opted for a "unity plant"! The mothers each provided a jar of soil, and after they said their vows, they united the soil into a potted flower that they'll display in their home as the watch their love grow.

Now on to some decor details! We did up the farmhouse tables with lots of greenery, black taper candles, brass, and animal skulls! How cool is that? The cake table consisted of rustic wood details and the same black tapers. Their gorgeous drip cake from Sweet Treets was a huge hit, as well as the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and lemon cream cupcakes! We had a margarita machine, which created some interesting GIFs at the GIFpod in the barn! Guests enjoyed lots of barbecue and drinks, and danced the rainy night away.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this incredibly unique wedding. Although I love wedding traditions, it was pretty cool to push a few boundaries! Who knows, maybe they'll start a trend!

Until next time,

XO- Rhianna


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